Lexus-Nexus: “Amazing in Motion”

A nexus is a “connection between things linked in a series;” the links between the series of figures lighting up as they journey through the city; the connection between a luxury car brand and this awe-inspiring commercial. (I will admit that when the word “nexus” came to mind, I actually confused Lexus with the legal research corporation, LexisNexis.)

No doubt catering to our desire for thrill, Stink agency came up with something bold and risky, and presumably very, very expensive. As viewers, we have no insight into what is going on until the last second of the ad. And then we’re still not sure, but we know it was different, we know it was intriguing, and most importantly, we know it was Lexus.

The figure starts out lying flat on the ground, gets up, and begins his venture through the city — doing flips, diving into a pool, scaling building walls, and free falling off of a skyscraper. All of this just to land flawlessly on top of a brand new Lexus. Not event to get into it, mind you. Not to mention that the only time we actually see the brand’s name is the last split-second of the advertisement. Gutsy Lexus, very gutsy. But don’t worry, no one is changing the channel before we see how it ends. As Americans, we are captivated by shiny things and bright lights….check and check! Without any dialogue, the song Running, by Computer Magic, compliments the figure beautifully as he travels through time and space. Ironically, part of the song’s lyrics say “I haven’t got anywhere to go;” that is, I suppose, until he finds the Lexus.