Open to Interpretation…? Maybe not.

Open to Interpretation..? Maybe not.

Finally, a piece of art I can wrap my head around – a white socialite perched atop a chair consisting of a naked black female and a cushion. Sounds comfy.

Of course, this photo isn’t’ just great because of the fact that the “chair” is a black woman, but that it’s a woman period. I’m not too keen on feminism anyway, so who cares if this picture is working to disintegrate all of the progress women as a gender have made over the past century and a half. Not only does this woman have the privilege of being used as an object, but her abuser is indeed a white woman. Go girl power!

Disclaimer: This is obviously sarcasm. I do not support the use of human beings as chairs, couches, beds, or tables.

Join the movement, don’t become a piece of furniture.



  1. Ha, you had me worried for a bit before you confirmed you were being sarcastic — This is the internet after all!

    It’s funny how calling something “art” is supposed to protect it from public outrage.

    It is interesting to wonder: when Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard created the chair, was to glamorize or criticize the objectification of black women? Does this matter?

    1. I agree, I think that the word “art” is often used as a scapegoat for offensive works, which only makes it harder for true artists to have their work viewed objectively.

      I am not sure of the artist’s intentions in highlighting this piece, but no, I don’t think it matters. Considering the timing it was released (MLK), and that the white woman is fully, almost conservatively clothed minus her shoes, and the black woman is near naked, the only thought this provokes among viewers is racism and perhaps gender inequality.

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