Weekly Writing Challenge: My Boy

My Boy

All the lies, I forgot

All the hate, I forget

Just wanting so badly for something to happen

That I replace your words with “Oh no, this is what he meant”

It’s hard knowing, but then not knowing that the person you love,

The person you gave up everything for, has left you nothing but poor

And not in the sense of money or dollars

But your heart is now empty, emptier than it was before,

Before you had this “love”

Before you fell down this well that left you broken and sullen,

This well that slowly but surely turned into Hell

But yet, I cannot regret the time that we spent,

The memories I do not forget

Because from you I learned,

I learned that a real man is not easily found

That little boys are running all around

Trying to find something or someone

To hold on to just so they can let them go,

Because every tear shed for them…

Just blame it on the estrogen

But they bathe in those tears that burned your eyes,

They practice until they can not only speak but preach their lies.

Its like, if someone cries for you, whose heart sighs for you,

Then you are bigger and better and stronger and greater,

But in true reality, My Boy, you are just another hater

Why spread hate, why encourage what’s wrong in this world?

Its like an infection, but we need to take this in a NEW direction—

Love is where we need to be

But not the love where you let who you are, cease to be

But the love that allows you to grow and forever continue your flow

As not two but as one,

For you are now experiencing a love that is worth knowing

And guess what, as for his affection,

This man is not afraid of showing

His love for you because it is so good

This is the man that I am searching for,

The man for me

No more boys

No more, girls are toys

No more, of what could be

Find out more about the Weekly Writing Challenge here.



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