Month: January 2014

Sisley Ad: Fashion Junkie

Sisley Ad: Fashion Junkie

This picture is part of the 2007 Chinese advertising campaign for Sisley, which bears the tagline: “Fashion Junkie.” This ad is not only associating “shopaholism” with serious addictions such as alcoholism and drug addiction, but it seems to be promoting the use of these substances in order to depict their brand as “addictive” and “hip”.

While I’m not exactly keen on our culture’s consistent theme of “shop, buy, toss out, and repeat steps 1-3,” portraying shoppers as hungrily thin teen girls slumped over a table, sporting skimpy attire and bloodshot eyes, is both shocking and potentially hazardous considering the vast reach and penetrating impact of today’s media. Sure, this ad could have been created to intentionally generate shock value — either way, I know very few people who would view this ad as motivation to shop there.

I will be first to admit that I enjoy my share of controversial ads that may be pushing society’s boundaries of humor or sex, but this campaign is justifying the harmful use of dangerous substances by essentially categorizing them next to a girl’s passion for Loui Vuitton handbags and Jimmy Choo stilettos.

This campaign takes the phrase, “Beauty is Pain,” to a whole new level. Apparently now it’s also a synonym for  “Addiction” and “Anorexia”, not to mention “Nudity” (left side of photo).


Old Spice Ad: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Kickstarting Old Spice’s 2010 ad campaign, this commercial offers an exciting, entertaining performance that keeps its viewers from reaching for the remote. The constantly changing background creates contrast and tension, which ensures a firm grasp on viewers’ interest. With similar effect, the speaker addresses his female audience with short syntax and fast dialogue that is delivered in a bold, masculine voice. This ad communicates to women that, while their man will never be able to emulate the marvelous human being depicted in the video, they can at least have him smell just as great!

Men respect his demeanor and women…well let’s just say they won’t be purchasing competing brands anytime soon. With diamonds and tickets to “That thing you love,” we’re pretty much sold.

Guinness Basketball Commercial

A beer ad that makes its viewers feel…inspired?

This ad definitely has a voice, and it Speaks Volumes. Interesting that a beer company doesn’t associate it’s product with skimpy clothes and loss of memory, but rather with friendship, dedication, and the importance of choice and making good decisions (aka, purchasing their beer). This video has a voice louder than the rest, because it has found a niche, because it is different.